Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Hand-made Doll Done and On Her Way!

 There's always such a feeling of accomplishment when I get an order done and out to the Post Office.  It's really important to me that I do my best, and I will not lower my integrity by offering a soft-sculpture doll that is not my very best.

This latest  hand-made doll turned out really cute.  As I've mentioned before, I feel a bit as Michelangelo did...the doll's face and expression is already there...I just move things around and allow it to come out.  NOT that I'm comparing my art with that of Michelangelo....sheesh....

This order wasn't just a doll....also a bunting, and a baby sling.  The bunting I had done before, although one smaller than this one, but I had never done a baby sling before.  I followed the directions (I read them over about 5 times ) but the finished product just didn't deliver what was promised.  So, I was able to alter it in order to do what it was supposed to be designed to do. Now, there's always the possibility that a sixth reading of the directions might show me where I went wrong...but I was able to fix the situation, so it is all good.
Now, I start work on an 11" newborn.  These go together fairly quickly, with no real surprises, and I have made maybe over 100 of them.  To see some of the newborns I have presently, you can go to my etsy store .

When this order is done, if no other custom orders come, I plan to make a couple of Scottie baby patterns.  This is a limited edition pattern, not for sale, so few people actually have it.  It's a bigger version of the 11" newborn, and chubbier as well.  I also have several outfits for the dolls cut out and ready to sew, and I'll do that as well.  When I have these ready to post in   my etsy store I will let people know.

So, for now, I relax for awhile, then cut the new doll out later tonight.  Until then....

Happy dolling,


This is the machine I use.  I love the even stitch, and even though it took awhile for me to figure out how to thread it, it proudly sits next to my regular sewing machine, and it used almost daily.  It's a great machine for the price!

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