Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Soft-Scuptured Doll Order Finished!!

I am forever amazed at the diversity of these dolls...the same pattern, the same person making them, the same basic steps for each, and each doll completely different!  The one I just finished turned out so cute!!  She is a custom order doll, with green eyes and light brown hair.  A friend of mine who hand-crochets things, made a hat and bootie set that fits this doll perfectly, so she is wearing that along with a onesie outfit.

I wish I could take better pictures...guess I should keep my day job making these soft-sculpture baby dolls, eh?  I'd love to blame it on the camera, but alas, I've used a few different cameras all with the same abysmal results.

What's next?  I have two Scottie Baby dolls cut out and ready to sew.  I'm excited about these, because they are a limited edition pattern, and they are like the newborn only larger and chubbier.  I'll probably start them either tonight or tomorrow.  I also have several doll outfits that will fit the 11-15 inch babies all cut out, just waiting for me to sew them together.  They would be the perfect gift for the little "mommie" who already has one of my dolls.

Another project I plan to do are blankets with the baby doll heads sewn to them.  Sounds weird and maybe a little gross, but they are really cute.  Of course, when I have one done I will post it.
Well, off to get some things done so that I can sew tonight. Until then...

Happy dolling,


These are great for transporting the dolls when they are in a state where only handsewing is required.  It is roomy, yet light enough for transport.  And another plus....they fit underneath a chair perfectly!

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