Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I finished the 4 dolls that were one order....wahoo!  All four of them were more intricate than the normal babies I make, but they all turned out good!  Two are monkeys--one big, one baby--one is a toddler doll and the last is a ballerina.  It was my first time using that pattern and although it took longer than my dolls normally do, it still wasn't hard, just a little bit of a challenge, smile....

Well, here they are.....

On the left, is the bigger monkey, made from the "Danny G" pattern.  He's about 19" tall.

On the right is the little, baby monkey from the "Jingles" pattern.  These are both for a boy, so they are boy monkeys, smile.

 This is a toddler doll made using the "Lil Beth" pattern.  She is about 16" high, and her dress/bloomers outfit is hand made.  Also, her hair is stitched to the head one yarn at a time, with double thread for durability. The right picture is a closeup of her face.
This is the ballerina doll.  She's around 17" high, her skirt has 10 layers to it. Again, the hair is stitched, and she is full of frills, lace, and ribbon, smile.

So, soon these will be off in the mail to a very sweet grandpa who likes my dolls and gives them to his grandchildren.  Safe journey, little ones..now to start on the two babies...two different orders.  Will post pix when they are finished and ready to be shipped.  Until then...

Happy dolling,


I have heard that these are very excellent machines.  Easy to learn on, very "user friendly"...(excuse my drool....smile...)


  1. YEAH!!! I'm your first follower! I just love your dolls! I really enjoy sewing-would love to be able to do what you do. I still have my dolls from when I was a little girl. :0) Nice to find you on here!!!

  2. I would love to find out where you get your patterns from?!!

  3. Angie,
    I get them from a company called Dinky Baby. I'm also a licensed distributor for them, so I sell their patterns as well.

    thank you for signing up to follow me!