Monday, May 17, 2010

Playing Favorites

Now, I know it isn't right for moms, grandmoms, or any other kind of mom, to play favorites.  With my kids, I have been extremely careful, and it wasn't hard to do--after all, they are a great bunch and very easy to love.  Of course, I love my dolls...I wouldn't make something that I didn't like...but there are some that just tug at the heart strings more than others.

A few years ago, a close friend of mine was foster-parenting her 5 nieces, while the mom was trying to get her act together.  Our entire congregation took these girls in, and my friend was never in want for clothing, babysitters, or help around the house.  My friend had them for over a year, and they became "our girls" as well. 

The time came that the mom was going to get her girls back, so before it happened I made 5 baby dolls, one for each of them (the 6th one there, in purple, was for another girl in our congregation who was close to them...didn't want her to feel left out). I signed their names, my name, and the date on the behind of each one.  We still see the girls on occasion, they are growing up fast...but they still have their dolls and remember their time with us.

My husband is my biggest fan...and close to being my best customer, well, except that he doesn't BUY's more like an annexation, smile.  Often I'll make a doll, and it always has to pass my hubby's "hug test"...once in a while I don't get the doll back.  I think he has 6 that he's confiscated.
But not this one...I made this one just for HIM.  It's a big, chubby, jointed baby, and I made a Raider Bunny Suit for it.  My sweetie is a Raider's fan, and I thought of the irony of a bunny suit....he named it Baby Toos, after his favorite player, John Matuzak. On the back, the bunny suit has a flap like the old style drawers men used to wear.  I made the flap out of the Raider's emblem, and placed the bunny powder puff tail right smack dab in the middle. I think now this is the family "rally" doll...but I don't think it helped much, smile.

 Sometimes I make a doll and I can't sell looks like someone I know.  It would be like selling my I end up giving them away.  I wish I had pix of the two friends these went to...and it wasn't just ME who thought they looked like these women...several people saw the dolls and said, "Hey, that looks just like ________!" So they now have homes with their human look-alikes.

This was fun....I have lots more stories like this....I'll sprinkle them sparingly around the blogsite, smile.
So until next time..
Happy dolling,


(by the way, these are the BEST scissors!  They are a bit pricey, but well worth it!  They stay sharp for a long time and are sooo sturdy!  I've had my pair for over 20 years and still going strong!)

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