Friday, May 14, 2010

New Skills!!

It's always so refreshing to make dolls that are "out of the norm."  I love making the baby dolls, and they are what most people buy.  They go together quickly, and I'm able to focus more attention on their clothing and blankets and accessories.

But I forget how fun it is to challenge myself with something new or that I don't do often, and I've had that opportunity recently.  I have orders that include 2 different monkeys and a ballerina.  I've made a few monkeys, but not many, and they are still different enough that I feel a tad challenged.  And this is my first ever ballerina!  She is completely different than the dolls I have done thus far, and although she is not hard, dressing her in her frills is going to be so much fun!!

She is almost finished except for her fingers, wrists, and hair, and then will start on the clothing.  She should be done by this weekend.  I will post pix when she is all done.

Ok, back to work to finish the ballerina doll.

Happy dolling,


These looms are what I use for making doll blankets.  They are really easy and faster than traditional knitting!

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  1. Wow, Victoria! Great site. I look forward to watching this blog grow with lots and lots of "babies" featured. Can't wait to see where you take this blog and your business! I love buying handmade baby gifts and will certainly give your baby dolls (and others) a look-see the next time I have occasion to buy a gift.

    Keep up the good work!