Tuesday, May 25, 2010


What a ride the last few days have been!!!  I had classes to teach, a grad party to attend, came 2 secs away from being hit head on by a drunk driver (he totaled the truck right in front of us--he died, the other driver in critical condition...) hubby hurt (his back) and all that in addition to "normal life" smile!!!

I continue to work on my handmade doll orders, though...I finished one today...an Angie Baby pattern doll, the size of a real baby, and shaped a little more lifelike.  Tonight and tomorrow I'll be working on the Alexa Rose doll, and if no crises (smile) I may even get her done in the next day or two.

So, despite near misses and extra on my "to-do" list...progress.

It amazes me how I never get tired of making these  soft sculpture dolls....maybe because the patterns are so varied....but I think it's because each doll, as I sculpt its face, has a personality that emerges through the process, and that's something I never tire of.  Also, there are so many different groups of steps needed to complete a doll, that before I can get bored of machine sewing, it's on to the hand sewing...before I get bored with that, it's on to the sculpting....and when that's done it's the hair, the clothing sewn, a new one cut out....and so it goes.

After the Alexa Rose doll is finished, then my next order doll is an old standby, I love to do...the 11" newborn doll.  I can almost do the sewing of this baby in my sleep--I've maybe made 100 or more of them, smile.  But they're still one of my favorites, smile...

Well, okay, back to work for me. I'm still working on time management, to make the most of the "little moments" to do bits and pieces of things.  Like I said.....progress....

Happy dolling,

If you want to see what's in my etsy store...go ahead and click on the link!

If you would like to order a custom doll, shoot me an email at my business email address!

These self-healing mats are great!! I use mine when I cut out things like the baby blankets, where I want a straight edge, and even though my rotary cutter is razor sharp, it never leaves a permanent gouge.  Also great for strip quilters!! 

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