Sunday, May 16, 2010

Simple Mule-ishness

I don't know why, but there are certain steps in doll-making that I tend to put off.  Doing the fingers and toes, sewing the head on the neck, hair...none of these are particularly difficult, nor are they skills that I lack in any way.  Maybe I view them as taking longer than other steps?  I know that it takes me around 5 min to do the fingers on a hand, or toes on a foot.  It takes me maybe 15 min to sew the head on, since I go around twice with doubled thread.  The hair time depends on what kind of hair, but none of it is terribly time consuming.

Right now I'm sitting here, ballerina finished except for hair and clothes.  The clothing is doubt about that.  The hair is all ready to attach...and there it has sat since yesterday evening.  Now, to be fair, I have had a sinus infection for the last week, which has dampered my enthusiasm a bit.  I have felt a bit like the French idiom for a  hangover..."the eyes are not behind the holes." But I went to the doctor yesterday, got meds, and although the headache isn't gone, I don't have that "punched in the eyes" feeling that I have had for the last week

My 'remedy' for this malaise de hair, is to give myself a reward.  Get the hair done, and I can play making the clothes.  Plain and simple.  I'm like the proverbial rabbit with the needs are simple, smile. I go, ready to give the poor girl some style, and then dress her up to the nines.  Fun stuff.

                                                        Happy dolling,


This is what I use for the body, arms, and legs of my dolls...and the second one is what I use for the head.  It's denser and holds its shape well for sculpting.

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